Top 5 types of printers to choose from

A printer is a necessity for every business, company, or institute. Without a printer, you won’t be able to print your important documents, but first, you have to get a good printer for your place. Choosing the wrong printer won’t work for your place in the long run. Therefore, you have to get the best printer.

Top 5 types of printers you can choose from

Here are the top 5 types of printers that you can choose one from for your place:

1.      Inkjet printer

One of the most common printers that most companies prefer to get for their offices is the Inkjet printer. Most of the public only knows about this type because it is one of the oldest printer types. You can use simple liquid ink in an Inkjet printer, an inexpensive option.

So, if you are looking for inexpensive printing, you can opt for an Inkjet printer. There is one thing that you should keep in mind: you don’t get high-quality prints using an Inkjet printer, and you can use it occasionally for average printing quality. There are UV printer roll to roll Inkjet printers that you can consider for your work.

2.      Laser printer

You can consider laser printers if you want to get UV printer roll to roll. You might know how these laser printers work from their name. You get higher printing quality if you go for a laser printer; it will work more speedily. Laser printers can work faster than Inkjet printers.

So, if you want a printer that prints pages fast daily, then a laser printer is doubtlessly a good option for you.

3.      Dye-sublimation printer

If you want to use digital printing technology, you can consider a dye-sublimation printer and use sublimation ink. Using sublimation ink in a dye-sublimation printer uses the technology that will use heat transfers for applying images on the substrate.

4.      3D printers

If you want to use an environmentally friendly printing option, then you can go for Eco solvent, which you can use in 3D printers. 3D printing is popular nowadays, and you can use Eco solvent in these types of printing. 3D printers are a little more expensive option than all other printers because you will get color prints of premium quality.

5.      Super-tank printer

If you want a printer that prints hundreds of pages daily, you can surely go for the super-tank printer. It is a little different from the Inkjet printer because it will have a print head connected to a tube system that will draw ink from a high-capacity ink tank.

You can keep refilling the ink tank with ink bottles. Getting a super-tank printer will eliminate the requirement for ink cartridges.

The final word

You need to select the printer according to the ink you want to use and the print quality you want. When it comes to ink options, you can consider Eco solvent or sublimation ink. You can also think about getting a UV printer roll but always go for the printer that would work according to your work of nature and how many prints you will require daily.