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Copyright 2012   Creative Printers of London (Established since 1986)
Copyright 2013   Creative Printers of London (Established since 1986)

1) Air Compressor £: Please enquire ***
2) Plate Maker for making Pad Printing Plates (New improved     design) £175.00.00+VAT
3) 1 Litre Retarder (Ink Thinner) £22.00+VAT*
(Please see notes below for air shipment)
4) 1 Squeegee Bottle £2.50+VAT
5) Lint-Free Material 10.5" x 58" £5.00+VAT
6) Pad Number 1: £15.00+VAT
7) Pad Number 2: £15.00+VAT
8) Pad Number 3: £15.00+VAT
9) Pad Number 4: £15.00+VAT
10) Pad Number 5: £15.00+VAT
11) 2 x A4 Artwork Sheets for use with laser printers £1.20+VAT
12) 1 x Screen Tint £17.00+VAT
13) 1 x Water Spray Bottle £3.00+VAT
14) 2 x Blank Water Washable Clichés £7.50+VAT
15) Small pot of red ink £7.50+VAT
16) Small pot of blue ink £7.50+VAT
17) Small pot of white ink £7.50+VAT
18) Small pot of black ink £7.50+VAT
19) Free Training DVD, Instruction Manual & Troubleshooting
20) Health & Safety Data Sheets

* Retarder/Thinners - Please note that due to the nature of this liquid, we are unable to ship this product by air. You should easily be able to source inks and thinners locally from a screen printing ink supplier.

** More ink colours etc. available from our recommended suppliers. On-going supplies of cliches, artwork paper etc. are available directly from us.

*** We can supply standard air compressors or silent air compressors. Please request a price quotation.


Inks can be mixed to achieve  different shades/colours!**

In addition to your semi-automatic pad printer, you may also need the following ‘Starter Kit’ as an optional extra. We can easily vary the contents of this starter kit based around your needs. To discuss, please call us on 01708-731294 or e-mail us.

Copyright 2012   Creative Printers of London (Established since 1986)